Christina Singh
by Christina Singh
Mortgage Agent/ Manager
July 30, 2016
Dirty Dishes Illustration

No matter how large your house or condo, people tend to gravitate to the kitchen as the home’s social hub.  If your home is like most, however, your kitchen never seems big enough.

While you may not be in the position to knock down walls to create more space, you’ll want to look into ways to utilize what space you do have more effectively.  Here are a few space-saving suggestions for organizing your kitchen to maximize its efficiency and create a more workable area.

Kill the clutter

It’s time to clear the counters and de-clutter the drawers!  Don’t overwhelm yourself though – start small by tackling one drawer or area at a time.

When sorting through stuff ask yourself two important questions: Do I still use it (have I used it in the past six months)?  Do I have duplicates?  (Realistically, how many wooden spoons does one need?)  Discard or donate any spare or unnecessary items.

Chipped or imperfect dishes?  Out they go.  Are surplus spices taking over your cupboards?  Throw them out too – they lose their pungency after time anyway.

Once you’ve pared down to your kitchen essentials, check out organizational aids to put what’s remaining in its place.  From inexpensive over-the-pantry-door plastic shoe organizers that can hold everything from dried foods to cleaning supplies, to specially-sized sliding shelf organizers, there are a multitude of storage solutions available to fit all your needs.

Island Living

There never seems to be enough counter space in the kitchen, so why not consider adding a kitchen island?

A kitchen island can be either fixed or moveable, depending on the overall layout of the room.  For example, a small kitchen may benefit from a portable island that is rolled in to assist with meal preparations, then returned to a convenient storage area, while a larger kitchen might be able to accommodate a permanent island that doubles as an eating area.

If you’re the handy type, you can even create your own island by renovating an old console table.  Sand and paint it, install some towel racks or decorative drawer pulls and hooks on which to hang kitchen towels and utensils, and add some wheels if you want to modify it into a moveable work surface.

Embrace Your Hang-ups

Pots and pans take up a lot of cupboard space, so why not free them from the confines of the cupboard and put them where they’re handier to access anyway – suspended from the ceiling or kitchen island, or hanging from a wall rack or hand-rail outfitted with S-hooks?

Save cabinet and counter space by hooking baskets on the wall and filling them with kitchen tools, or fruit and produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  Eliminate the need for a cumbersome knife block by attaching a magnetic strip to the wall to create a knife rack.

Make room for more fun and efficiency in your kitchen by taking a step back to think outside the cupboard!