Christina Singh
by Christina Singh
Mortgage Agent/ Manager
May 12, 2016
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Easy Moving Tips

We’ve all heard moving horror stories – you might even have one yourself!  But take these steps to avoid common problems and your next move will surely have a storybook ending.

  • Start prepping ASAP. Wait until the last minute to book a mover and you might be out of luck, especially if you’re moving in spring or summer.  As soon as you know you’re selling, you can start purging your belongings, gathering packing materials, and researching moving companies.
  • Choose your mover wisely.  Avoid movers who won’t provide an in-home (as opposed to online or by phone) estimate, whose quote is significantly lower than the competition, and who promise their quote covers everything.  Ask around for recommendations, get estimates from a few companies, and research those companies online.
  • Number your boxes, label each with the room it goes in, and create a corresponding list of each box’s contents.  This will make it easy to check that all your boxes arrived at their destination, easier to find things you need, and easier to get organized and unpacked in your new home.
  • Make sure your belongings are adequately insured.  That fee your mover is charging might include some coverage, but is it enough?  Probably not.  Does your homeowner’s policy cover your stuff in transit?  Know exactly what you are and aren’t covered for, and purchase additional coverage as needed.
  • Be there for the truck unloading, so you can make sure everything arrived, and in good condition.  If not, you’ll have greater success in resolving the matter by addressing it with your mover right away, instead of months later when you realize what box is missing.